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30 March 2020


Dear Learner


Notification of the withdrawal of the British Safety Council Level 1 Award in Health and Safety in a Construction Environment


We are writing to inform you that the British Safety Council is no longer in a position to offer the above qualification after 30 April 2020 and 5 June 2020 for re-sits.

We have notified your Centre and set out information and key dates to guide you in this letter.

When is the BSC going to withdraw the qualifications and what do I need to do?

Final Date

(NB these cannot be moved)

Notification to Learners
31 March 2020 – 06 April
All Centres are required to inform all learners and prospective learners of the notification of withdrawal, key dates and provide guidance to all learners. Learners should contact BSC only if they are not provided with the support required by their centre

Final date for a first examination
On or before 30 April 2020
Please ensure that you enquire about examination dates with your centre as soon as possible and enrol. We advise you to leave plenty of time where possible to re-sit if required, final re-sits examination date will be before 5 June 2020, please check with our centre.







Final date for re-sit only examinations
On or before 11 June 2020
You can re-sit an examination at any time after your results have been issued, you do not have to wait for this date. There will be no options to re-sit this examination after this date. However, your centre (or another centre) may be in a position to provide you with alternative qualification examinations. This qualification is a shared unit and so your learning will be appropriate for a number of qualifications leading to the CSCS card. Please enquire with your centre for options

Verification of certificates to CSCS by BSC
CED + 7 years
BSC will continue to work with CSCS to confirm the validity of your certificate for the purposes of gaining a CSCS card for up to 7 years from 30 June 2020. If in that time you have already applied for a CSCS card, CSCS themselves will have a record of your certificate for any renewal purposes.

Replacement certificates
CED + 3 years
BSC will continue to provide replacement certificates where required for 3 years from 30 June. A fee will apply


Will my qualification stay valid after the withdrawal date?

Yes. Your qualification does not expire. The withdrawal simply means that BSC will no longer offer this qualification to new learners. We will continue to verify your certificate to CSCS for up to 7 years.

What happens if I need to re-sit, but run out of time?

We advise you to plan your examinations in plenty of time to enable a re-sit to take place if necessary. If this is not possible, your learning will be suitable for a number of other qualifications as this is a shared unit, including similar assessment methodology. Your centre should be able to provide you with details but where that is not possible we advise you to check on the CSCS website at for a full list of acceptable qualifications.

Why are British Safety Council withdrawing?

Despite our best endeavours, we are disappointed to note the significant level of malpractice and criminal activity related to qualifications that lead to the CSCS card in the marketplace, such as the Level 1 in Health and Safety in a Construction Environment. The associated costs of investigating malpractice and the level of compliance which the British Safety Council deems necessary to maintain public confidence in the qualification and safeguard public safety, has risen significantly. Additionally, as a charity BSC do not have the means or powers of a Law Enforcement Authority. BSC are choosing instead to focus on other charitable activities that seek to address risks to the public and individuals’ safety.

If you have any queries that your centre is unable to help you with please contact




Jigna Patel

Managing Director Qualifications