Channel 4 in Dundee 3 April 2018

Event Location: Dundee

Event Start Time: 9:00am

Passion for Media? Apply now for a day with Channel 4 in Dundee on 3rd April! #C4PopUp #4myfuture @4Talent @MyKindaFuture
Want to know more about media production? Channel 4 are coming to Dundee to tell you! Free event, but must apply #C4PopUp @4Talent @MyKindaFuture
Interested in making TV? No experience? No worries! Apply now at for the #C4PopUp in Dundee @4Talent @MyKindaFuture
Ready to start your career in TV Production? There's no better way than at a #C4PopUp with @MyKindaFuture in Dundee on the 3rd April – Get your application #C4PopUp! Deadline 16th March
Love watching TV shows but want to find out about how you can make them? Not sure where to start? Well if you’re based in Dundee, Channel 4 are running a free workshop on the 3rd April – Apply for you place here: #C4PopUp
Spend the day with Channel 4, get creative and a chance to win prizes and kick start your media career? Well @4Talent are in Dundee to show you how, apply for you free place here #C4PopUp

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