Employability Fund Stage 3 – Angus

During February and March we have been working with our young people on Stage 3 of the Employability Fund progressing them to complete qualifications and maximise work experience opportunities.  10 of our 16-17 year olds have successfully completed an SQA Level 4 qualification in either Personal Development of PC Passport and are now either in a work placement or moving into placement.  We have an excellent portfolio of local employers offering placements including retail, sport and leisure, engineering and childcare.  One of our young people had a particular interest in butchery and he has successfully completed a 4 week placement at a local butchers learning all aspects of the trade.  Feedback from both the employer and the young person was that the experience was enjoyable and interesting to both parties and was very much a success.

Employability Fund Stage 4 – Angus

Fiona was referred to Stage 4 having been unemployed for 8 years unable to secure employment.  Fiona’s confidence and motivation we were low when she came to us, however we worked with her and gradually her confidence increased.  A suitable work placement was found with a local employer for Fiona and she did so well she was offered a permanent  position after one week.  Fiona was delighted with the outcome and continues to sustain her employment.  This is a great success for Fiona.


Louise was also referred to Stage 4, she had suffered from health issues combined with low confidence and anxiety.  In a short period of time we were able to increase Louise’s confidence and she felt ready to go on an administrative/reception work placement.  Louise did very well and the employer offered her a permanent position only a few days later.  This was a great achievement for Louise.

Maryfield Youth Project

Over the past months MY (Maryfield Youth) Project has been working in conjunction with The FIXERS UK both funded through the Big Lottery to create an information leaflet on ADHD. This has been created by working with young people involved in the weekly MY Project sessions and will look at advising professionals on positive methods of working with individuals identified as having ADHD in everyday life, Education and Employment. This is a topic which highly effects the participants and has been chosen with their full input. We are all looking forward to seeing the final outcome and holding our open day to celebrate all the young people at MY Projects hard work in the coming months.

The MY Project has just recently welcomed a new member of staff Gaynor who has been developing sessions with MY Project staff, a very welcomed volunteer Struan and two new youth volunteers Martain and Kaylyn. We feel so privileged to have them part of our small but expanding team.

HeartStart Course

On the 02/03/2016 we welcomed Helen Brady, who delivered the HeartStart course to 9 of our clients. Young people were taught CPR and other emergency life saving skills.

The Heart Start Certificate will be awarded to:

  • Georgia Tracy
  • Naomi Jones
  • Jamie-leigh Nelson
  • Elle Ouinn
  • Rhianna Hodge
  • Tash Downie
  • Rebecca Donald
  • Courtney Stewart
  • Charlene Quinn

One of the goals of Next Steps Project is to get young people interested in volunteering. The new young people who decided to help their community and are well on their way to achieving  Saltire Awards  are

  • Ricky Reid
  • Cameron Smith
  • Shaun Donovan

We have Young people sharing skills and experience, Peer mentoring at present through our Next Steps programmer progressing onto delivering small group session with planned Music and Art Sessions alongside One World Global Awareness Project where some of our young people have been offered volunteer places leading to recognized Saltire Awards

Attendance at Next Steps has increased to supporting on average 30 young people daily with many repeat referrals from schools. Many of our school pupils are working towards achieving SQA Employability award and some have identified to take part in XL Awards in collaboration with Prince’s Trust’s Fairbridge Programme.

REHIS Cooking Certificate

Next Steps Achievements:

Recently, our Next Steps clients achieved the REHIS Cooking Certificate. The course took place through 6 weeks. Young people gained the basic cooking skills, learned how to make their favorite meals and realized cooking doesn’t have to be hard! The course was delivered by lovely ladies from Craigowl Community, assisted by DEAP’s youth workers.

The REHIS Certificate Awarded to:

  • Savanah Robertson
  • Jordon Millar
  • Ryan Paul
  • Shaun Donavan
  • Courtney Millar
  • Terri Bonella
  • Gemma Keogh
  • Elle Quinn
  • Rachel Mcleod
  • Claudia Doig



Terri Bonella

Terri Bonella received recognition Award for commitment and achievement of SQA qualifications. Terri along with other girls also completed an 8 week course facilitated by charity organisation Alternatives where young girls address many issues affecting then today regarding relationships and social media. Terri works well with others and is due to start work placement at Little Einstein’s Nursery when she receives her PVG.

Ryan Paul

Ryan Paul was referred through Choice Project in Dundee and had previously found it hard to regularly attend training and find his niche. Ryan has been attending Next Steps Project from late August and has now moved onto Employability Fund stage 3. Ryan has achieved 100% attendance and is involved in many activities within Deap. He is supportive of others at Deap and has gained skills with two separate organisations in volunteer roles, supporting people with additional needs at Inclusion Scotland; attending events and enabling others to have their voices and ideas heard. Ryan is also due to begin volunteering at Dundee Ice Rink.

Ryan is seen receiving his certificate and go kart voucher for attendance and commitment.

Chelsey Mathieson

Chelsey Mathieson was a Stage 2 Employability Fund client at DEAP.  Having worked exceedingly well on the course and completing both her Personal Development level 3 award and a placement at Poundstretchers in Cowdenbeath, Chelsey made a great impression to all of us at DEAP Fife. When the opportunity arose for an Admin Assistant at our offices through Community Job Scotland, Chelsey jumped at the chance to apply.  Having completed the interview process, she was offered the position. Chelsey has now been with us since the start of December and is a valued member of staff already.

Robert Kirkwood and Marzena Dobrzynska

Robert Kirkwood was originally a client on our DWP programme in Fife. After successfully finding employment earlier in the year, it was October 2015 that Robert was back in touch asking for our support to find staff for his new business venture – “The Corner Shop” in Crossgates.

Marzena Dobrzynska was a Stage 4 Employability Fund client who had recently been made redundant from her long term employer. When the vacancy with Robert arose, Marzena was very  keen to be considered for the opportunity. After a successful interview Marzena was delighted to be offered the job.

Robert and Marzena are delighted with the growing success of the shop.


Calvin Shand

CS was referred to Stage 2 at DEAP after having been unsuccessful in completing several other courses in the area. Due to ongoing issues with drugs and homelessness CS felt unable to continue with the courses he was on and he took some time to get his priorities in order.
With a new positivity he made the decision to come to DEAP to start on the Stage 2 programme. In the early stages CS was working in the training centre on the Personal Development level 3 award. Although he was clearly capable and able to complete his work he found the indoor setting to be restrictive.
Having discussed with CS what placement would be ideal for him and what would meet his needs we were able to secure a placement with Living Solutions in Cowdenbeath. CS originally agreed to work 3 days on placement and one day in the training centre. It didn’t take long for him to find he was talented in groundwork. With this in mind CS decided to spend his full Monday to Friday on placement. Sadly while on placement bad fortune met CS again and he found himself homeless. He was spending time between friends and families houses and ultimately ended up in homeless accommodation. Despite all of this CS didn’t stop attending his placement.
CS is now in a much more positive place having recently been given a flat of his own and feeling positive about the future.
In finishing Stage 2 CS will be going on to volunteer with Living Solutions until January 2016 when he will go on to a Stage 3 with progression to a Modern Apprenticeship after that.