Creative Workshops

Next Steps Project in Dundee has regular creative workshops to motivate and support young people to gain transferable skills and increase motivation.


Many of the young people we support do not necessarily work well in a formal educational environment and many have lots of skills waiting to be discovered. We use Art, Music, Sport and team work as tool, alongside more formal learning to motivate, encourage and develop the young people attending the project. This group have worked with Community Development Workers to write music, play instruments and create a disc.



We have regular projects in collaboration with local agencies including  “Alternatives – Supporting Young Women make Positive Choices” “One World Project-Global Justice & Equality”   “On the Whole – Voice for Care Experienced Young People” and “Street Soccer – Positives Change through Sport”.

We have a structured timetable of activities and opportunities to support young people make positive life choices and ultimately gain further training & employment.



Alternatives Group – Supporting and discussing issues to improve the lives of young people in Dundee. We have had visits from local councillors and MSP Annabelle Ewing who was, at the time Minister for Youth and Womens Employment, discussing issues and offering support to those furthest from the job market.



Skills training for young people. Young people regularly visit local workplaces and have taster sessions to gain an insight to the world of work receiving support and instructions to decide on career choices.

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