Job Joy for Jane

After being made redundant due to COVID, Jane found the loss of employment and income, as well as the lockdown, having a negative impact on her mental health. She heard about DEAP from her work coach at the Job Centre, and asked to be referred.

Meeting with an employability co-ordinator helped Jane pinpoint her skill set, and from there, she decided to undertake social care training. In addition, staff assisted Jane in preparing for online interviews and modifying her CV to fit the positions to which she wished to apply. Thanks to the support and encouragement of DEAP, Jane was able to secure a full-time post with a local care agency.

Jane says that the support from DEAP helped her find a way forward in what seemed like a hopeless situation. Her success in the online training gave her confidence a boost, and she was able to discover new and valuable skills she had to offer. She is now looking forward to the future in her new role.