Employability Fund Stage 4 - Angus

Fiona was referred to Stage 4 having been unemployed for 8 years unable to secure employment.  Fiona’s confidence and motivation we were low when she came to us, however we worked with her and gradually her confidence increased.  A suitable work placement was found with a local employer for Fiona and she did so well she was offered a permanent  position after one week.  Fiona was delighted with the outcome and continues to sustain her employment.  This is a great success for Fiona.


Louise was also referred to Stage 4, she had suffered from health issues combined with low confidence and anxiety.  In a short period of time we were able to increase Louise’s confidence and she felt ready to go on an administrative/reception work placement.  Louise did very well and the employer offered her a permanent position only a few days later.  This was a great achievement for Louise.