Success for Steven

Steven was referred to DEAP in September 2017 by his Work Coach to our Recruitment & Outreach Project to see what help we could provide.

Steven had been out of work for about 8 years and was on ESA for the majority of that time. He came across as confident, open & easy to talk to but had difficulty in being able to secure employment. He advised us that he had anger management issues and that may have an impact sometimes on how he comes across.

In discussion with his Work Coach we agreed to work with him initially on a one to one basis. After a few weeks, Steven progressed and registered on DEAP’s Employability Fund Stage 4 Programme in October. His recruitment consultant Tom supported him to access a work trial with a local employer, Kartstart in Kirkcaldy.

Despite Steven’s health problems he felt straightaway this was an ideal job for him. His love of the job helped him prove to the employer what an asset he could be to the company. ¬†Steven excelled in a short time (only 3 weeks) in his work placement he was offered a full time permanent position and started in December 2017.¬† As part of our commitment to aftercare, Tom from DEAP continued to support both Steven and his employer over the first 6 months of employment. He still loves the job and hopes that progression within the company will be possible for him.

He is grateful to DEAP for their support and to Kartstart for the opportunity they gave him.