Terry Redford - Recruitment and Outreach

I am a 27-year old male who was unemployed for 9 months. I had previously left a highly stressful job that I had spent years training and working for. My entry back in to work was difficult due to high levels of anxiety stemming from my previous employment and my unhappiness at being unable to find reemployment in a timely manner.

In my journey back to work I was invited to many interviews but was unsuccessful due to my lack of both confidence and conviction. The biggest step I took in getting back to work was recognising that I needed help. I received an email from DEAP though the Job Centre explaining that amongst other things DEAP aids with interview techniques and CV creation. Upon reading this my thoughts were: “Might as well give it a shot” – this was a fantastic decision that led me back to work.

When entering DEAP for the first time I was overwhelmed by the support I was given. I could tell instantly they really cared about helping me. They showed me better ways to approach interviews; gave me resources to help with difficult questions; answered all my questions professionally and honestly, and gave me the confidence to believe in myself again.

With this renewed confidence I was able to have a more positive mentality going into my next interview and was ultimately successful in finding full time employment. Thank you DEAP for believing in me and providing me with the tools and confidence to transition back into work.