Jenny Morrison

Financial Operations Manager

I was fortunate enough to be in the right place at the right time in April 2014 when I came into DEAP as the new Finance Officer.

My background is mainly working in Finance – having worked in the Accounts Department in The Care Commission, Tayside Fire and Rescue and Home In Scotland and I am a member of The Chartered Institute of Management Accountants, however I did have a 2 year sabbatical during which I lived in China working as a Teacher for English as a Foreign Language.

Initially my contract was for four months as we were still waiting on the outcome of The Big Lottery Bids and the company was in a transitional period where the future for everyone was uncertain. The commitment of DEAP’s staff to the organisation and the clientele was obvious to me when they agreed to reduce hours to remain with the company until the outcome of the bid was known and this shows me that the greatest asset DEAP has is their staff!

During this period I preformed a variety of work from Cash Flow Analysis, Projections, Budgets and the normal day to day processing of income and expenditure which gave me a better insight into the great services that DEAP provide for the people of Dundee, Angus and Fife on limited resources.

Thankfully it was a positive outcome and we received funding from The Big Lottery for three years, which means I can move forward with the company as it enters another period of change and development.

I’m the stereotypical Finance nerd who enjoys working with numbers and I speak to my spreadsheets and calculator but working in DEAP gives me satisfaction in that the work that I do in the background allows the front line staff to get on with their job of helping the most important people – the clients from all our projects.

Last but not lest the acronym DEAP from a Finance point of view is:-

D – Direct Debits

E – Expenses

A – Accounts

P – Payments

All of the above are the normal processes in an accounts environment; however the product is unique in the service that we provide to our clients and I feel privileged to be part of the DEAP team.

I took on the new role of Financial Operations Manager on 2nd April 2015.

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