Tenancy and Citizenship

DEAP have gained SQA approval to deliver new award to be rolled out in May 2016


Tenancy and Citizenship


National Progression Awards (NPAs) assess a defined set of skills and knowledge in specialist vocational areas, linked to National Occupational Standards.

Tenancy and Citizenship can be utilised in a variety of settings by a number of providers. The NPA provides candidates with an opportunity to develop skills and knowledge which will help them to understand housing choices, manage their finances and ultimately gain and sustain a tenancy. It also allows the opportunity for the development of skills for life and work, which may enhance opportunities for employment and help candidates to become responsible, contributing citizens.

The NPA is suitable for:

  • people looking to secure a tenancy for the first time
  • people returning to independent living
  • people seeking to develop the skills necessary to maintain and sustain their current accommodation
  • young people preparing to leave their family home
  • looked after young people preparing to move to independent living
  • learners who are at school or who may have just left school

There are no pre-entry requirements for this Award. Entry to this Award is at the discretion of the centre.

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